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New Bajaj Alfa Easy Bike Glass in the Market

Bajaj Alfa Easy Bike Glass

About Bajaj Alfa Easy Bike

In Bangladesh, the Bajaj Alfa Easy Bike is also known as the Bajaj Alfa Battery Rickshaw. The new vehicle comes based on the much popular Bajaj Alfa series of three-wheelers by Bajaj. Battery rickshaws are available across Bangladesh nowadays.

The Potential Bajaj Alfa Easy Bike Market in Bangladesh

According to estimates, there are between 1 million and 4 million simple bikes on the market. A significant many of parts are imported from China. And the business is estimated to be worth $2 billion.

The need for public transportation has increased in the last two decades. due to the increasing urbanization and population rise. In Bangladesh, electric three-wheelers have better chances for use in public transportation. Easy Bikes are becoming more popular. Due to the result of clean, Safty and Passenger friendly services.

There has been a significant increase in demand for these rickshaws as well as their parts. Sea Star Automobile has come up front to meet the huge demand for easy bike auto glass.

The Bajaj Alfa easy bike is available for rural people’s mobility and business.

Alfa Easy Bike is Famous for its Impressive power. Largest comfort and Easy maintenance. Also an addition to the exceptional standards of style. It gives you comfort, safety, and the best performance.

What is Bajaj Alfa Easy Bike Tempered Glass

It provides safety and structural integrity to the alfa rickshaws. Tempered glass breaks into small blunt-edged pieces rather than shards. Also Due to its rapid cooling and heating process, tempered glass is in a wide range of demand.

Bajaj Alfa Easy Bike Glass
Tempered Glass


Tempered glass breaks into small blunt-edged pieces rather than shards. Tempered Glass is crystal clear than other’s Glass. It has the transparent properties of tempered glass which made it a great choice for windows, display cases, and doors. You can choose from clear, frosted, engraved, stained, or patterned temper glass.


Laminated glass is repairable after an accident, unlike tempered glass. Also, the laminated glass layer provides strength and transparency at the same time.

Bajaj Alfa Easy Bike Glass Specification

Best Bajaj Alfa Easy Bike Glass Supplier In Bangladesh

Like any Vehicle, Front Glass is an essential part of Easy Bike. there are many Easy bikes available in Bangladesh Bajaj Alfa Easy Bike is one of them.

There are Some Importers of the Bajaj Alfa Easy Bike Glass in Bangladesh. They supply this product all over the country.

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Sea Star Automobile

We import Bajaj alfa easy bike glass from China and supplies all around Bangladesh. They provide the cheapest Bajaj Alfa Front glass and auto parts.

They Provide some Mahindra brand vehicle Front glass. mahindra maxximo glass, mahindra pickup glass and big bolero pickup glass are available here.

Apart from that, some load vehicle and commercial vehicle like mahindra auto , 4 wheeler and mahindra alfa plus easy bike series glass they supply all over the country. also, supply Mahindra electric and Mahindra tempo glass.

We are the first company to provide an online platform to buy auto spare parts for Bajaj auto rickshaws. We provide the safest type of easy bike glass because it is difficult to break or fracture.


Yes, we sell other products also. Our primary focus is on supplying windscreen safety windshield glass to Bangladeshi market. We also supply silicon sealant, headlight, rear light, bus ceiling fans, window glass.

No our product are not expensive. We import our products directly from the product manufacturer. We distribute auto spare parts all over Bangladesh at the cheapest price in 2023.

Yes you can buy in bulk. Because we are the importer and distributor of auto spare parts.

Sea Star Automobiles is a well known name in auto parts industry since 2019. You can find our products almost in every auto parts shops all around Bangladesh. Till now we were providing our services offline only. But now we are taking our business online. You can buy our auto spare parts through our website

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The best Easy Bike Glass in Bangladesh

Sea Star Automobile supplies the best quality front safety easy bike glass at low price in Bangladesh

The stylish 3 wheeler tempered easy bike glass now at cheap price in Bangladesh

Easy bike glass is a safety product of electric tricycle. Easy bikes are popular, battery- powered electric rickshaw often can be seen in Bangladesh. These battery- run rickshaws are familiar name in the transportation assiduity. As mishuk auto rickshaw price in Bangladesh are very low, nowadays it has become the cheapest and most available public transportation. We can find these electric tricycle in every other urban and rural areas. Besides battery auto rixas have come one of the most popular modes of transportation. Three wheeler e rickshaw tricycle is the stylish choice for tuk- tuks tour in short and medium- distance. that is why individuals prefer to swap on easy motor rickshaw rather than traditional rickshaw.

the best quality three wheeler easy bike china tempered glass for auto rickshaw at cheapest price in Bangladesh
3 wheeler battery rickshaw

Although solar battery is the most impotent element of a battery tom tom as it run’s on the battery. But the front safety glass is also an impotent element for both drivers and passengers. Because this e rickshaw windshield glass protects both drivers and passengers from wind, dust, and other harmful elements.

Who supplies this easy bike front safety glass in Bangladesh?

Sea Star Automobile provides the best quality stylish China tempered glass for mishuk tom tom. We’re the leading auto spare parts importer and distributor in the industry. We import directly form electric rickshaw windshield manufacturers. You can buy our e-rickshaw wind guard through our website or from any of our showrooms.

About Our tuk tuk China tempered glass

We provide the stylish quality China battery rickshaw front windshield tempered glass with rubber frame which is a safety product of tuktuk electric tricycle. Our electric battery tricycle glass made of high- grade tempered glass that’s impact- resistant and shatterproof.  This tempered tuk-tuk windshield glass is design to be durable and long-lasting, so the tempered glass can be used for many years. Our easy bike glasses are also easy to install and remove.

Tempered Glass for electrick rickshaw"
Safety front glass for 3 wheeler mishuk auto rickshaw
In fact we use 5 mm thick tempered glass for our high quality auto rickshaw glass. This front safety glass for tuk tuk rickshaw offers superior strength and durability. Its 37 ″ height and 27.5 ″ width insure a comfortable jounney. It’s light wight at 8.1 kg makes it easy to transport. And with our lowest e tricycle front glass price, you can be sure you’re getting a great value.Watch our product video now: Easy Bike Glass – Tempered Safety Glass – Sea Star Automobile – YouTube

Three wheeler tom tom gharry tempered glass short specifications

Easy bike glass short specification
Short specification of our three wheeler charging tom tom rickshaw tempered safety front glass

Why buy battery gharry frontal glass from us not from others?

Our 3 wheeler battery rickshaw tempered glass comes with a UV- resistant coating. It cover your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays. This coating also helps reduce light and increase visibility. While you ’re out clearing, it insure that your vision stays clear and you stay safe on the road.

e rickshaw front tempered glass
e rickshaw front tempered glass

We offer the best quality easybike glass at cheapest price in Bangladesh 2023, which you can depand on. Get in touch with us to find out more about our electric tricycle auto parts, front windshield and tempered glass for baby taxis and how you can get your own.

Can I buy electric gharry tempered glass online?

Sea Star Automobiles is a well- known name in auto spare parts industry since 2019. We are e e-tricycle windshield, windscreen, frontal glass importer and distributor. You can find our battery rickshaw safety front glass, windshields and machine glass products nearly in every automobile repair shops around Bangladesh.

Till now we were providing our services offline only. But now we’re taking our business online. So from now on our beloved customers can buy our tuk tuk three wheeler front windshield tempered glass through our website

Still have question and want to know more? Don’t hesitate to contact us. Because we are on all the social media platform also.

Click here to buy easy bike and auto rickshaw tempered safety glass now


Safety glass that has undergone precise thermal or chemical processing to make it stronger than regular glass is known as tempered or toughened glass. Tempering compresses the exterior surfaces while tensing the interior.

Tempered glass, a form of insulating material that is four to five times stronger than the glass used in conventional windows, is frequently utilized for the front windshield. Tempered glass is perfect for car windows because it is also more difficult to break than regular glass.

Tempered glass is an incredibly resilient and can withstand powerful winds and storms. Tempered glass has the drawback that after it has undergone the tempering procedure, it cannot be processed or cut. Tempered glass, in contrast to laminated glass, cannot be fixed.

Yes, you can buy our front safety tempered glass in wholesale.