The Best Easy Bike 37″ Tempered Glass

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Product size:
Height = 37″
Width = 27.5″
Weight: 8.1 kg
Thickness: 5mm
Material: Tempered Glass
Country of origin: China


Easy bike glass product description:

Easy bike is a battery- run vehicle are formerly a common name in the transportation assiduity of Bangladesh. The frontal safety glass is an impotent element of e-rickshaw for both motorist and passengers. This windshield glass protects both motorists and passengers from wind, dust, and other rudiments.

About the electric rickshaw front glass:

It’s a safety product of tuktuk electric tricycle. Our glass made of high- grade tempered glass that’s impact- resistant and shatterproof. Beside the three wheeler frontal glass provides superior visibility, allowing drivers to see the road ahead. This tempered tuk- tuk safety glass is design to be durable and long- continuing, thus the tempered glass can be use for numerous times. It’s also easy to install and remove.

e rickshaw front tempered glass
e rickshaw front tempered glass


What is special in our e rickshaw safety glass?

We use 5 mm thick tempered glass for our high quality electric tricycle glass. Its 37 ″ height and27.5 ″ range insure a comfortable lift. also it’s feather light at 8.1 kg makes it easy to transport.

Product video:

Special feature of the tuk tuk front safety glass:

Our 3 wheeler tuktuk spectacles feature a special UV- resistant coating. It cover your eyes from the sun’s dangerous shafts. Second this coating also helps reduce light and ameliorate visibility. thus while you’re out clearing, it insure that your vision stays clear and you stay safe on the road.

To know more read our blog –

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Additional information

Weight8.1 kg
Dimensions0.5 × 69.85 × 93.98 cm

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  1. Sojib Billah

    I’m using your product for 2 months and I find it very good. Nice quality and durable product. Do you sell easy bike looking glass also?

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