Bajaj Alfa Easy Bike Glass


Bajaj alfa easy bike glass is thick and long-lasting. For only Bajaj alfa easy bike and this Easy Bike Glass made by tempered glass.

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In Bangladesh, the Bajaj Alfa Easy Bike is also known as the Bajaj Alfa Battery Rickshaw. The new vehicle comes based on the much popular Bajaj Alfa series of three-wheelers by Bajaj. Battery rickshaws are available across Bangladesh nowadays. The Bajaj Alfa easy bike is available for rural people’s mobility and business. The need for public transportation has increased in the last two decades. due to the increasing urbanization and population rise. In Bangladesh, electric three-wheelers have better chances for use in public transportation. Easy Bikes are becoming more popular. Due to the result of clean, Safty and Passenger friendly services.

The Bajaj alfa easy bike glass and Windshield has made of tempered glass. This tempered Glass is for Bajaj and TVS Alpha easy bike. Moreover, glass is an integral part of the car body accessories and plays a protective role. We Provide the Best quality Bajaj Alpha Easy Bike Glass. Also, Provide Auto rickshaw, e rickshaw, Battery rickshaw, mishuk auto rickshaw and three Wheeler Glass. Tempered Glass for alfa easy bike and 3 wheeler is imported from china and well known for long lasting and thickness.

What is Bajaj Alfa Easy Bike Tempered Glass

It provides safety and structural integrity to the alfa rickshaws. Tempered glass breaks into small blunt-edged pieces rather than shards. Also Due to its rapid cooling and heating process, tempered glass is in a wide range of demand.

Pros of Bajaj Alfa Easy Bike Tempered Glass

Tempered glass breaks into small blunt-edged pieces rather than shards. Tempered Glass is crystal clear than other’s Glass. It has the transparent properties of tempered glass. which made it a great choice for windows, display cases, and doors. You can choose from clear, frosted, engraved, stained, or patterned temper glass.

Bajaj Alfa Easy Bike Glass Specification

Size 82.55cm * 78.74cm

Thickness: 5 mm

Weight: 7.6 kg

Brand origin: china

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Additional information

Weight7.6 kg
Dimensions0.5 × 82.55 × 78.74 cm


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