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The Best Spare Parts now in Bangladesh

Buy the best quality auto spare parts directly imported from China manufacturers

Sea Star Automobile supply the best automotive parts in Bangladesh

Auto spare parts demand is increasing in Bangladesh day by day. This market size has expended more then double in the last decade. In Bangladesh the automotive industry is growing equally with it’s population. In last few years people are using bus and easy bikes as their public transportation. For this the number of bus and electric battery rickshaws have increased phenomenally. So by seeing future business opportunities in this field a lot of companies started to import the automobile parts for pickup and auto rickshaws.

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A machine’s damaged part can be replaced with a functioning one using an automotive part. It is often kept as an inventory that may be utilized to repair or replace various automotive components.

Who are the supplier of auto parts in Bangladesh?

There are graveyard of seller throughout Bangladesh. You can find countless bus spare parts selling market like Dholaikhal market in Bangladesh. But most of them provide the duplicate and refurbish parts which can be dangerous for your pickup or misuk rickshaw. There are only a few supplier who provide the quality full parts in Bangladesh.

Where can I find the best quality automotive parts in Bangladesh?

Sea Star Automobile rule the Bangladeshi auto spare parts market in 2023. We are the industry leading brand in Bangladesh who import the automotive parts directly from the manufacturer in China.We are the reliable original China auto parts distributor in the market since 2019.

List of our auto spare parts

SEA STAR AUTOMOBILE is the best store for windscreen safety windshield glass & auto parts in Bangladesh. We supply silicon sealant, headlight, rear led back light, luggage lock, fan for vehicles. Below we have provided a short description of our goods.

Windscreen safety windshield glass

We directly import Volvo model laminated windshield front safety glass for bus from China. For this we can provide our laminated windscreen glass at reasonable price throughout Bangladesh. Right now we are supplying Volvo model laminated windshield front safety glass and TATA EX2/ TATA ACE front glass all over Bangladesh.

Front safety tempered glass

Tempered or toughened glass is a form of safety glass that has been strengthened by regulated thermal or chemical treatments as compared to regular glass. tempering is a process that compresses the outer surfaces while tensing the inside of the glass. Sea Star Automobile supply the best quality front safety tempered glass for three wheeler electric rickshaws.

Auto head light

Our auto head light for buses are very famous product among the people. Right now we are providing only Marcopolo headlight and Saudia Bus headlight at cheapest price all over Bangladesh.

Auto rear light

Sea Star Automobile supplies high-quality tail lamps for bus. Its designed to provide superior visibility and safety on the road. Featuring bright LED bulbs and durable construction, our bus auto rear lights are built to last longer and are suitable for use in all weather conditions. Furthermore, they fit a variety of bus types and are simple to install.

Bus Luggage lock

Our luggage lock is safety product. People store their large or additional bags or products in the baggage compartment of buses. Our bus luggage lock comes with 3 indicator lamps which helps to keep the luggage safe and sound, so that without having any tension people can relax and enjoy their journey.

Snip HC-B-10024-2 BUS LUGGAGE LOCK with 3 LED bulb

Silicon Sealant

Glass, metal, and plastic surfaces can all be joined together with silicone sealants. For instance, silicone is frequently used to seal aquariums. Due of its weather resistance, silicone adhesive is frequently used to seal windows to frames.

We are the top rated supplier who is selling the best quality 750 gm silicone sealant at lowest price in Bangladesh. Our silicone sealant comes with 10 years warranty.

Want to know more about our products?

Sea Star Automobile is focused on becoming the no. 1 importer and distributor company in auto spare parts industry of Bangladesh. We are promised to supply the best quality automobile parts at reasonable price. To ensure it’s product quality the proprietor of the company frequently visit the product manufacturer factories based in China. For this you can have complete faith on our products.

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Sea Star Automobile Showrooms location

Sea Star Automobile is a well known name in automobile parts industry of Bangladesh since 2019. Right now we have 3 physical store all over Bangladesh. Below we have provided our google map location so that you can visit our showrooms easily.

Sea Star Automobile is the best shop for windscreen safety windshield glass & spare parts in Bangladesh. Beside windscreen we also supply silicon sealant, headlight, rear back light, bus luggage lock, front safety tempered glass, bus fan for vehicles.

We import our products directly from the product manufacturers based in China. For this reason we are able to distribute automotive parts all over Bangladesh at the cheapest price in 2023.

Yes, you can buy in our automotive parts in wholesale from any of our showrooms.

Sea Star Automobile import the auto spare parts directly from the manufacturer company based in China. We understand how much your vehicle is important to you. To ensure the quality of the product the proprietor of the Sea Star Automobile himself directly visit the China factories frequently.  So that our beloved customers can get the best quality product for their vehicle.